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    Boost your bone health and help fight osteoporosis.

    Advanced technology stimulates your bones – every time you use it. Start battling the effects of aging today.

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Worried about osteoporosis and bone fractures?
Concerned about side effects with hormone therapy or drugs?
High-impact exercise too painful?

OsteoBoost is bone health made easy.

As we grow older, our bone density decreases and our bones get weaker, making us prone to a variety of conditions including osteoporosis. Women especially. Until now, effective bone health solutions have been potentially risky, expensive, or impractical. And low-impact exercise like typical walking won’t help.1

Introducing OsteoBoost™. Developed with NASA experts, OsteoBoost uses clinically proven, drug-free, gentle vibration therapy to safely, conveniently, and comfortably stimulate healthy bone growth targeted where you need it most – in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. No drugs, no downsides, no trips to the gym.

In a recent clinical study, OsteoBoost improved a key measure of bone health by an average of 14%

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OsteoBoost Belt

  • Clinically proven and designed to help combat osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • Targeted to the bones of your pelvis, hips, and lower spine
  • Drug-free, safe, works alongside other bone health options
  • Comfortable, soothing, and easy to fit into your daily routine



Take charge of your bone health in just 30 minutes a day.

buckling the osteoboost belt

Secure the belt around your waist with the easy magnetic clasp, adjust for comfort.

powering on the osteoboost belt

Press one button to start your 30-min session, unit stops automatically when complete.

wearing the osteoboost belt

Use during your daily routine to help your body fight age-related bone loss.

Why OsteoBoost is for you.


Clinically proven to help prevent age-related bone loss.


Light, comfortable, easy to use – wear it for just 30 minutes a day.


No known side effects or interactions with conventional treatment options.


Adjustable belt with fit sensor assures targeting of hips and lower spine.


No drug regimens, no supplements, no trips to the gym.


Costs far less than whole body vibration platform machines.

100+ studies show vibration therapy improves bone health.

The proof is overwhelming. In numerous medical studies, vibration therapy has been proven to improve bone health. And in a recent clinical trial, OsteoBoost reduced bone resorption activity by an average of 14% – in just one treatment.

  • Simulates weight-bearing exercise to naturally and safely stimulate bone growth
  • Targeted to areas most prone to osteoporotic bone fractures – hips and lower spine
  • No known side effects or negative interactions with conventional treatment options
  • No diagnosis or prescription required – use alone or together with other therapies

“Vibration therapy is an intelligent approach to better bone health because the right vibration frequencies appear to stimulate your bones to help counteract the effects of aging, reducing bone resorption rates (bone loss) and encouraging natural bone creation that otherwise slows down as we get older.”

– Dr. Shane Mangrum, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Maintain your bone health so you can stay active – try OsteoBoost with a risk-free, money-back guarantee!


“OsteoBoost is easy to use and it actually feels good on my back. I keep it in my kitchen and now it’s just a part of my morning routine. It’s like giving my bones an extra 30-minute workout every day – what’s not to love?”

Brandi A.

“OsteoBoost is super easy – easy to wear, quieter than I thought it would be, and has an added bonus of relaxing my low back muscles. I’ve been using it every day and like that it’s helping my bone health.”

Gwen R.

“The beauty of the OsteoBoost wearable technology is that it is easy to add to a daily routine, there is no downside, and it offers vast potential to build better bones.”

Dr. Shane Mangrum, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The only wearable, drug-free, clinically proven vibration therapy device to help fight osteoporosis and osteopenia.