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Take charge of your bone health with OsteoBoost.

Target age-related bone loss and stay active with the only clinically proven, drug-free, wearable vibration therapy device of its kind.

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OsteoBoost Belt


OsteoBoost™ is a totally unique vibration therapy device that uses NASA-based technology designed to help you safely, conveniently, and affordably fight age-related bone loss and the effects of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Unlike expensive whole body vibration platform machines or pharmaceuticals and hormone replacement therapies with potential side effects, the clinically proven OsteoBoost device is wearable, drug-free, and easy to use anywhere.

  • Features

    • Clinically proven to reduce bone loss activity
    • Targets areas most prone to osteoporotic fractures
    • FDA registered
    • Drug-free, safe, complementary treatment option
    • Wearable, comfortable, relaxing, convenient
    • Just 30 minutes per day, includes auto shutoff feature

  • Product Specifications

    • Includes vibration belt, charger, user manual
    • Soft neoprene belt
    • Built-in timer to assure proper treatment time
    • Fit sensor for effective delivery of vibration therapy
    • Weight: ~4 lbs
    • Battery: Built-in rechargeable 2000mAH Li-ion battery
    • Full charging time: ~4 hours
    • Power supply: Micro-USB, 5V, 2A max

  • Sizing

    Small: 30” to 37”
    Medium: 35” to 45”
    Large: 43” to 56”

    For correct sizing, take hip measurements as indicated in diagram.

    OsteoBoost size measurement diagram


Get the benefits of high-impact exercise, without the pain.

OsteoBoost uses gentle, targeted, low-frequency vibrations to simulate the physiological effects of high-impact exercise, nature’s own way of triggering bone growth.
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Who is OsteoBoost for?

OsteoBoost is for anyone who wants a safe and convenient way to help fight age-related bone loss, help prevent fractures, and add to their current bone health regimen.

  • Women in perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause
  • Those diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Men and women who want to get ahead of age-related bone loss
  • Anyone who wants to promote better bone health

What makes OsteoBoost the right choice?

OsteoBoost Whole Body Vibration Plates BISPHOSPHONATE Drugs Hormone Replacement Therapy Diet Supplements Exercise
Treatment Method Precision vibration therapy, 30 mins/session, use daily for maximum effect General whole body vibration therapy, stand on oscillating platform 10-30 mins per use Daily pill Injection or pill of hormones to counteract menopause-related bone loss Add dietary calcium and vitamin D, can include supplements Weight-bearing (fast walking, jogging, etc) or resistance (weightlifting)
Potential Side Effects No known side effects – can easily be used in combination with other treatment options No known side effects Stomach pain, nausea, potential rare fractures Fatigue, nausea, may increase risk of breast cancer Upset stomach, fatigue, nausea None, risk of injury
Convenience Wearable, easily fits into daily activities, can complement other treatment regimens Machines are immobile so require time out from other activities Easily forgotten Easily forgotten, administration requires physician supervision Requires lifestyle changes Requires lifestyle changes
Cost $399 $1000-$5000 Varies based on insurance Varies based on insurance $30 per month average Cost of gym membership

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do I need to use OsteoBoost?

    We recommend you use OsteoBoost daily for maximum effect.

  • What size is best for me?

    OsteoBoost comes in three sizes. Please refer to the sizing chart in order to find the size that’s right for you.

  • How comfortable is OsteoBoost to use?

    OsteoBoost feels similar to a vibrating massager you might use for sore muscles or back pain. Users often report a massage like sensation and say that the vibration is relaxing. So you should not experience any discomfort.

  • Can I use OsteoBoost if I am already taking medications for osteoporosis?

    OsteoBoost does not have any known interactions with other osteoporosis treatments so you should be able to use it concurrently with your other therapies. If you have any concerns, please consult with a medical professional.

  • Do I need a diagnosis or a prescription to use OsteoBoost?

    OsteoBoost does not require any diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia for use, nor does it require a prescription. You can use OsteoBoost as a preventive measure.

  • Can I do other activities while using OsteoBoost?

    Unlike typical stationary vibration plates and machines, you can do almost any standing or walking activity while OsteoBoost stimulates your bones. While it is not harmful in any way, we recommend that you do not sit when using OsteoBoost as use when standing or walking will maximize the therapeutic effects.

  • How do I power the OsteoBoost?

    OsteoBoost is a fully rechargeable device, and comes with a plug-in wall charger for U.S. power outlets. One charge can power OsteoBoost for approximately 8 sessions.

  • Is OsteoBoost covered by insurance?

    We do not bill insurance. However, you are more than welcome to inquire about reimbursement with your private insurance provider.

  • Is OsteoBoost FDA-approved?

    OsteoBoost is a class I medical device and has been legally registered with the FDA.

  • Can anybody use OsteoBoost?

    Yes, anyone can use OsteoBoost, but if you are allergic to neoprene, have been treated for a spine condition such as a herniated disc or have had a spinal fusion surgery, have had a joint replacement in the hip, knee, or ankle, or have any health concerns, please consult with your medical provider before use.


“OsteoBoost is easy to use and it actually feels good on my back. I keep it in my kitchen and now it’s just a part of my morning routine. It’s like giving my bones an extra 30-minute workout every day – what’s not to love?”

Brandi A.

“OsteoBoost is super easy – easy to wear, quieter than I thought it would be, and has an added bonus of relaxing my low back muscles. I’ve been using it every day and like that it’s helping my bone health.”

Gwen R.

“The beauty of the OsteoBoost wearable technology is that it is easy to add to a daily routine, there is no downside, and it offers vast potential to build better bones.”

Dr. Shane Mangrum, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Try OsteoBoost risk-free for 30 days – take control of your bone health the easy, drug-free way!